by Steve Cavin

They live in the air we breathe,

We kill them off with medicine and antibodies.

They live in the ground we walk on,

We step on them on our way to work.

They make nests in the trees,

We cut down trees and put up buildings.

They swim in the waters,

We dump garbage into the waters.

They hunt for food in the wild,

We tame the wild, and put up fences.

They live in captivity, and make babies,

We feed them, and eat their babies.

They settle in foreign countries,

We take their resources, and bomb them.

They give all they have to make a living,

We take all they have and make a fortune.

They watch their children suffer,

We watch movies, and take vacations.

It's not about right and wrong,

It's about us and them.

It's not about good and bad,

It's about who we are, and who we aren't.

It's not about those that don't matter,

You simply don't matter at all.